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The rapid development of Internet of things how the impact of the car display

As a major market segment of the display market, the prospects for automotive displays are becoming increasingly broad. Small and medium size panels have been mainly focused on the direction of smart phones, tablet PCs and car monitors on top of these three, and with the mobile phone and panel market stability, car display increasingly become the focus of panel manufacturers competition.

How is the impact of the rapid development of the Internet?

Internet of things is the current advocacy “all things interconnection” basis and basis, which display device is the Internet of things one of the three core hardware. With more and more people on the car, technology to bring the car is the electrification and intelligent direction of the continuous extension of the car display products significantly increased, the car display is now becoming the world’s small and medium-sized panel demand growth of the three One of the categories.

The combination of Internet of Things and cloud computing constitutes a major trend in today’s automobile travel. Large data technology is progressing at present. With the increase in the amount of data available in the future, both in terms of accuracy and convenience of travel An unprecedented experience, in which the display device as a core component for all things to lay a solid foundation for the Internet.

Traditional mechanical instruments have only a small amount of information output

Traditional automotive mechanical instrument only a small amount of information output, a single function and simply have information display, with the car information and intelligent, the designer will be the original decentralized information display integrated, so gave birth to a large-screen interactive Touch demand. Technically speaking, is a large size with a large number of high-definition LCD products appear in the car body.

Car display shows the reliability of the same time began to pursue excellence in the interaction. Influenced by the trend of car touch and big screen development, people will enter the era of intelligent driving, then the flexible display screen may make the car display application scene more diverse. But also accompanied by a higher degree of intelligence, information technology.

The trend of vehicle display is to strengthen the scene of human-computer interaction, requiring information input, information feedback on the innovation. The input method is more intelligent and diverse. From touch to voice and then to gestures and even a look, interactive way will greatly enhance the driving experience, while the driver’s attention to focus on the road to improve traffic safety.

Japan is a large producer of car panels

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the mainland have advantages, Japan as a global car company dominated the same time or the car panel of large producing countries, especially in high-end models in the large-size car panels; in the global Car display market, JDI and Sharp market share is high.

The future of interactive features such as the use of flexible screen, surface display and action feedback and pressure sensing and other functions will become standard, these features will make the car more interactive cross. At the same time in the picture clarity and color will be more realistic, to meet the intelligent travel experience.

The new car display products will not only form the innovation, but also the integration of design aesthetics, the future use of thinner body, narrower frame products will be more and more, the same size of the screen can be done thinner and lighter Curved surface can bring the bend, curl characteristics can continue to expand the car more applicable parts.

A small amount of car with a high profile began to touch the big screen

At present, many of the traditional control of the car or the traditional structure, a small number of cars began to appear with a large touch screen, but the function is weak, basically in the supporting role, most of the features or through the entity button to achieve. This will complicate the central control area, is not conducive to the user to use the operation. Users must be familiar with a period of time before they can find the corresponding button operation, must also be in the same model.

The future of the car display has the following characteristics, one touch screen large size, the second is to support a variety of input methods, the third is reliable and durable. Among them, the future similar to Tesla Model S full touch car entertainment interface will be more and more, and the future similar to the smart phone interface car display will be more.

With the continuous advance of things, the car has not only a means of transport, but people in the process of travel assistant. Car and car interaction, whether deep or breadth are deepening, with the digital driving concept enjoys popular support and screen size of the ever-increasing, can better protect the convenience and security of travel.

Car display led the rapid development of LCD panel market

Throughout the global automotive market, whether it is production or sales are showing steady growth trend, the automotive industry behind the prosperity of the auto parts industry, driven by the rapid development of automotive display LCD panel market led the rapid development of the scale will be further increased. According to the agency forecast, the car shows the growth rate of shipments since 2012 to maintain an average annual growth of 15% -23% between the 2016 car used in the LCD shipments reached 120 million units to 2022 car display Screen global shipments will exceed the staggering 145 million units.

LCD panel as an important display of electronic components in both the yield or production capacity are very suitable for use in the current car display products, with the development of things, car display in addition to the driver to provide safe driving auxiliary information Expand new features such as mobile payments and online shopping orders.

With the Internet of all things the concept of mobile Internet in depth, to Tesla as the representative of the large-screen touch car display products began to spread, the car has gradually entered the intelligent driving phase. With the development of intelligent car, the future development of the automotive industry is likely to be completely automatic driving, then the car display will provide more services to meet the different needs of the driver scene interaction.